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Prediction of Future Development Trend of Disposable Wipes

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With the development of science and technology, the market of sanitary products is constantly changing, and the speed of product upgrading is accelerating. For those products eliminated by the market, it is not so much eliminated as a new beginning. The key to the continuation and development of products lies in R & D and innovation, which is also the key to the benefits of products.

Disposable wipes were born in the early 1990s. From the use of handkerchiefs to the era of "paper towels", and then to today, disposable wipes have entered the new century. The huge consumption of the wipes market has rapidly promoted the development of wipes production. The advent of wet wipes has not only promoted various brands, but also rapidly increased the types of products.

With the further improvement of people's living standards, the scope of use of disposable wipes is expanding, and its uses are constantly subdivided. Today's wipes are not only used for cleansing and disinfection in daily life, but also become special products for women's health and infants. It is sanitary and convenient to wipe your face and hands with sterilized wet paper towels. However, different wipes have different uses. In the past, it was mostly used in business and reception places such as civil aviation, hotels, restaurants and exhibitions. In recent years, the personal consumption of wipes has gradually increased with the improvement of living standards. It is mainly used in occasions where outdoor water is inconvenient such as travel and tourism, as well as the cleaning and care of family infants and young children.

The predecessor of disposable wipes, you know?

The wide application of "handkerchief" before the 1990s has better promoted and expanded today's disposable "wipes". The sentence "never forget the man who dug the well" reminds us of the "handkerchief" era, which was also a necessity of daily life.

At that time, handkerchiefs were usually inseparable from the body. Whether it is for wiping the body or for daily use, such as packing, eye mask, shield and so on, the handkerchief can cope with it. Handkerchief can even be used to express the friendship between people. When a friend is sad and crying, hand over your care; Young men and women convey their love by giving handkerchiefs to each other.

The origin of handkerchief in China also has a long history. In the pre-Qin era, there was "towel", which was the earliest handkerchief in China. Handkerchief has experienced a long history, and it evolved into handkerchief in the Eastern Han Dynasty of the Han Dynasty. The best proof is that fragments of plain blue and white printed handkerchiefs were found in the ancient tombs of the Eastern Han Dynasty excavated in Xinjiang in 1959. The Tang Dynasty was the heyday of the development of China's clothing culture, and the name of handkerchief was officially launched at this time. It is said that in the Tang Dynasty, noble handkerchiefs were made of silk, square handkerchiefs were made of cotton and linen, and some were rectangular. "Shi Shuo Xin Yu · literature" written by Liu Yiqing of the Southern Song Dynasty later recorded: "Xie (Xie Shang) paid attention to his spirit and didn't feel sweating. Yin (Yin Hao) took a towel and wiped Xie Lang's face around Xu Yu." Therefore, the saying of "wiping tears with a handkerchief" is widely spread among the people in China.

With the changes of the times and the development of human civilization, handkerchiefs not only have their original functions, but also have strong aesthetic taste. Since the middle of the Ming Dynasty, people often call some women as "handkerchief sisters" after they formed deep friends. In Scene 5 of the legendary script "Peach Blossom Fan" written by Kong Shangren of the Qing Dynasty, there is such a description: "my husband doesn't know that the famous prostitutes in this house form handkerchief sisters, just like brothers of incense".

Nowadays, when we see children wearing a handkerchief with cartoon or animal patterns on their jacket to go to kindergarten or play, they look particularly naive, lively and lovely. Young women tie their long hair with printed handkerchiefs, which makes them more graceful, making them light, bright, lively, beautiful and moving, bursting with youthful vitality. It can be seen that handkerchief has become an indispensable decoration and daily necessities in people's life at all times and in all countries.

How will the future of disposable wipes develop?

From the wide use brought to the world by the era of "handkerchief" to the convenience brought by a wide range of traditional wipes today, the future continuation and development of disposable "wipes" is clearly visible.

At present, with the development of social economy and the expansion of the market scale of disposable "wipes", consumers' requirements for the quality of disposable "wipes" are gradually improving. Compared with the low price, consumers pay more attention to the high quality of disposable "wipes". In order to create disposable "wipes" that meet the expectations of consumers, enterprises are committed to market positioning through market research and develop special products for different consumer groups.

Therefore, it can be predicted that with the improvement of technology and the differentiation of disposable "wipes" market, the future "wipes" product brand will take high-end intelligence and product segmentation as the theme, consumer applicability and safety as the orientation. It is really convenient and fast to use, clean and hygienic. It is designed to adapt to people's life, cooperate with modern people's pursuit of fashion, improve the traditional habit of using towels and maintain the health of consumers. The future of disposable "wipes" will be presented to consumers with safety, health, fashion, convenience, high quality and low price.

It is undeniable that the future of disposable "wipes" still contains infinite possibilities! Of course, this requires the unremitting efforts of R & D personnel! However, as consumers' demand and desire for wipes have accumulated to a certain extent, and the market has reached a certain expansion period, coupled with the promotion and operation of some large brands and enterprises, the wipes market will usher in a new situation.