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Hangzhou Ace Technology Co.,Ltd

Hangzhou Ace Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2022. The company focuses on the scientific and technological R & D and application of non-woven products, takes the international high standard as the strategic positioning, and implements the construction of high-definition 10000 level purification workshop, laboratory and international standard quality inspection facilities; In cooperation with international well-known manufacturing companies and marketing companies, it has gradually become one of the large-scale nonwovens production enterprises in Asia.

The company has complete wipes production qualification and complete supporting facilities. It is the source factory of wipes. It is specially developed for enterprises and produces wet wipes, dry wipes, disposable cleaning wiping products. At the same time Ace aims to provide the most valuable non-woven cleaning solutions. We provide non-woven products for many fields, including catering, furniture, medical, personal hygiene, electronics, printing, paint, equipment manufacturing, workplace cleaning and maintenance, etc., and meet the business needs of our customers with personalized customized processing. The factory has experienced product technical engineers and professional processing technology, strong OEM customization ability and agent processing service experience. With perfect quality management system, strict testing process and self-discipline, the factory standardizes production links to ensure product quality, quality compliance and timely delivery. From ordering → production and processing → assembly → finished products → delivery, the whole process is worry free. Welcome to visit and customize OEM business. Our workshop, your shared factory.

At present, the company's trade scale is expanding, and its customers are all over the world. It has won the trust of customers at home and abroad with its good reputation. It has done a lot of positive work in promoting China's modernization, promoting economic and technological exchanges with countries around the world and enhancing friendship with people all over the world.

Our hot pillow hope: you and I work together to create a better future!