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Development of Wipes Paper and Lazy Rags

click:184 time:2022-05-25

With the increasing improvement of consumers' health awareness, they are more concerned about the product quality and product characteristics of household paper and sanitary products. However, the dissemination of all kinds of good and bad information also produces some consumption misunderstandings and is easy to mislead consumers. Therefore, trump technology answers questions and dispels doubts for consumers.

Wet toilet paper first appeared in the United States in 2011. But at that time, China was still in the process of changing from traditional straw paper to toilet paper. In 2008, wet toilet paper entered the Chinese market, but due to the low market base and few people, many people have not seen it. Until the post epidemic era, everyone paid more attention to health issues. In 2020, there were a lot of wet toilet paper on the market.

Lazy rags were actually first used for industrial wiping. China began to produce this product as early as 2005. At that time, it was always used for industrial purposes and was not promoted in the civil market. In 2008, a very accidental opportunity found that the lazy rag had a very good effect at home, so I tried to promote it to the market. However, the sales volume of lazy rags has not been very good. By 2015, an e-commerce brand in China will be optimized, so this product will be introduced to the market and a certain customer base will be accumulated. By 2018, Yiwu market began to enter the lazy rag Market, which has achieved rapid development.