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Main Uses of Ordinary Wipes

click:164 time:2022-01-25

Manufacturers share the main uses of ordinary wipes, which are mainly used to clean the skin. There are various ways of packaging. One piece, two pieces, ten pieces separately or ten pieces in small bags, which is conducive to carrying with you. It is not conducive to cleaning with water when you go out. You can use it at any time and take it at any time, which is very easy. Commercial products are usually packaged in one package. When applied, each person has one package, which is used and discarded.

According to the selected base material and the composition of the soaked liquid, the products can be divided into high, medium and low grades, and the price is also quite different. The low-grade products use hot-rolled non-woven fabric as the base material, and the products use dust-free paper or Spunlaced non-woven fabric as the base material. Ordinary wet wipes are usually soaked with distilled water or purified water, disinfectant and essence, which have skin softening and skin care functions. The soaked liquid also contains aloe gel, vitamin E, cocoa phosphatidylic acid, glycerin, malic acid and other skin care ingredients, which can be cleaned, moisturized and moisturized at one time. The shelf life of products is generally 6 months to 3 years.