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Which Kind of Baby Wipes is Good

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All wipes with substandard quality contain propylene glycol, which mainly plays a cleaning role. However, this substance has slight toxicity and will cause poisoning after oral administration. Therefore, we must pay attention to the selection of ingredients when our baby chooses wet wipes. When we use wipes, we must ensure the disinfection quality, because using "wipes" that have not been thoroughly disinfected to wipe our hands will bring more germs to our hands. It's better not to wipe them.


Wipes are not the softer the better. They feel soft, but they are not necessarily made of natural materials, and man-made fibers may also achieve this effect. The materials of wipes on the market are uneven. The most suitable for baby's delicate skin are natural cotton non-woven fabric and tree spun fabric.


If parents use wipes for their baby for the first time or want to change the brand of wipes, they should try them for their baby first to avoid adverse symptoms due to long-term use. Before choosing a new wipe, you can first buy a piece of wipe in separate packaging or try one when there is an activity to receive trial packaging. Of course, parents should try it on their babies before giving them a trial. If alcohol can irritate the baby's skin, don't try it. If alcohol can irritate the baby's skin, it may cause damage to the baby's body.